Planning a Date ….

That day was awkward and awesome at the same time. Hera asked me to help her with a date, she baught a single at a single auction on Valentines Day! So we planned the perfect date. Sailing, scuba diving and a little speed-boat tour. Sure I was just the diving shuttle driver, but hell it […]

Boathouse … Friends?

The girls and I thought one day, lets get ourselves an own marina. So we just did it. That shot was taken after I finished my work, I do love how it looks in there! One question for the community. Would you do something like that?! *points at the picture* with your friends?! Thank you […]

Skinny Dip(ping?)

To brighten up my mood, therefor I am pretty moody those last days, a friend grabbed me and took me to the Skinny Dip-In. You can imagine, no way I will drop all my hulls and show my body naked to just everyone, but swim-wear was allowed so I went with it. The place was […]

Shopping: Special Finding

And again it was the Aphrodite Shop, that saved my day. I needed a nice coffee maker for my new kittchen, and viola, I got one. it is not just gorgeous, no it has four or five different types of coffee, makes noises and steam! So I was forced to have immediatly a nice breakfast […]