This last week was hard, since I had to make some hard calls for me own peace. I found myself in a situation, in wich keep on going would have made me more sad and unhappy, as ending things for good, no matter how hard it is. It was one of those weeks, where I had to turn to myself, and search for my own feelings, and not keep on trying to make someone else happy.

Some would say how egoistic, but sometimes, being egoistic is the only thing that keeps us alive, or at least sane.. or better sane ish.


I love sailing, wind sailing or using a motor boat, it can be both fun, and amazes me always. It makes me forget about all the stress, I just leave it at the shore, and don’t look back. Let the wind do the work, and not just freshening up my sails, but also my mood. I haven’t had that much lately, so I so have to change that!


We do have some nice institutions in SL, made by players for other players. We have several Coast Guards, taking care of lost vehicles, lost persons on high sea, or simply to help out if someone has a question. Some do a lot more, some don’t but they are there for us. I was part of one of these Coast Guards for over 2,5 years, and always loyal. Even after the latest hick up, when most of the members left, Jasp and I stayed, wanted to help out, to get the party started, or in that case, to keep it going.

It is sad, if you don’t feel welcome anymore after all these years, and in the end, I jumped through all the hoops they tossed at me, I had to ask myself, do I really want this? I was in it for the RP, but there was no roleplay left, and on my last day, the Admiral told me, it was no RP group anymore. As sad as it was, as much as it hurts, I had to make a decision. So I left. An era is over, but I feel relieved.


Jasp, to take my mind off of things, took me for a coffee afterwards, to the Brook Hill Airfield. It is an amazing nice place, with a very pretty Airport Cafe and Bar. So far the most prettiest airport I ever visited! So to everyone how loves flying in SL, go ahead and check it out. I for once will now go to my beach, stack my VCG uniforms and give them a nice burn. 🙂


“It’s not hard to decide what you want your life to be about. What’s hard, she said, is figuring out what you’re willing to give up in order to do the things you really care about.”
― Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way


Winter is comming…

No I wont tell you that you know nothing, but I felt winter-ish and Christmas-ish, so I decided to have a long horseback ride through the famous Aero Pines Park, where they do have already winter and snow. My horse GG was more then happy for some movement. And while I was riding, and enjoying the cold air, I started thinking, that it would be nice to have an actual horse.

To get into it I try to explain. There are horse avatars, they do look amazing and very detailed. The animations are great and what can I say, I think I love them. The only problem is I don’t want to be one, I just like to “own” one. Bot in a more friendshippy kind of way.

I hoped to find some place where one could “adopt” a friend this way. Just like there are all the adoption agencies for kids and furries. But I couldn’t find one. All one can find, is the naughty kind of way, and that is by far nothing I would enjoy. So my question to all of you is, if you know such a place or maybe a horse-roleplayer, who would like to have an owner, to play with now and then, please tell me, I would love to meet them.

And maybe even help others with the same thing, people like me, looking for someone to be their horse, they can really build a connection with, and not just an attachment. No offence GG!

Second Date or…


… how interesting a “free sex” sim can be!

Aeon, who isn’t really sure how i shall call him either tho.. we are sticking with “whatshammicalya” – took me out for our second date. It wasn’t really a date-date but we spent time together at a special place, this time it was the Amazon-River – sims.

It looks amazing, they do have quests and experience points –all you ask for. Animals… findings .. and interestingly very..very many sex toys.

We found surprisingly a lot of them tho… we came to the comclusion that these sims are really interesting and great made roleplay kind of free sex sims. Nothing wrong about that, but kind of weird for the second date.

Great for my female readers, lots of hot dudes are roaming there free, all of them half naked. I liked that view very much!

Madpea – The Collection â€¦

… or how Quron Jones and Lara Silverfall saved the world …. somehow…


It all started with an invitation.. doesn’t it always? Quron my boyfriend got a golden ticket, for the newest Madpea production, the collection. He wanted me to come along, so thanks to Fukuju Amaterasu, i got a golden ticket myself. She gifted me her second one – lucky number 5 … or unlucky?


So on Thurday noon, it was time to visit the red carpet, for the early opening to “The Collection”. The mood was high, but we all could feel … something was in the air… not right… a tiny shiver on the back, goose bumbs all over the arms … after a warm welcome, Kiana and Madpea itself send us on the mission!

A sad one, our Grandfather died, and we inherited it all. We got the key to his appartment and a letter, now we had to find it!


From the appartment it sends us to the pawn shop. We didn’t knew that Grampa was into such things … after some trying, we finally could open the irons and walk in.. just to smash the probably antique vase.. right next to the door. Just good its ours now.. noone could send us a bill!


Sniffing around.. thats something Q and I are very good at, so we didn’t need much time, to sniff all we needed out.. and we even had a nice little break at the diner! I took the time, while we waited for our late lunch, to read the journal we found. it was very old, and cryptic.. I felt with the poor soul who worte it. >Never trust american men.. mother always said…<

We found also a weird trumpet… and it played a strange.. sad melody all alone… what is behind this… at first.. we thought it was just a game?!

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Under the Sea …

The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else’s lake
You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin’ for?


Today my friends Hera and Neliel, took me for a swim of the extravagant kind. All of us got some nice not too expensive mermaid tails, and had a blast around Fancy’s Deep the official mermaid cove around the Blake Sea. We also found this awesome HippodromeI won after 9 rounds of hard fighting!


From the left to the right, Tigress aka Hera, Goldy aka Xsenia and Lioness aka Nel. It’s gorgeous even for SCUBA divers – so check it out!