The big sail of the Sweetpeas…

After a huge breakfast and some sugar for me, Jaspar woke up, and made his SweetPea ready for the huge leg, we would do today. The goal was the west-Nautilus passage up to Corsica, with the last stop for today at Fungbluf. Jeffrey, he has a really nice place up there, with a marina, invited us, and came along on the ride.

So we started with a bit delay at the TrYC further north. A very nice route, with sweet wind from the south, making things a lot easier. It was very pleasant that it turned early that day, after all the eastern land-wind.

The west-Nautilus passage is at some points really narrow, but if the Ushuaia can make it, it was no problem at all with the SweetPeas. Jasp knew the way, and thanks to the USB and a very good route, we made it in a pretty nice time.


We left the narrow waters, to more open water, big channels up north, and the scenery got better and better. If you think the Blake Sea is nice, you want to see these areas! Almost no “Mainland” to see, just very nice coastal areas. Perfect spot to start a journey into this part of the world would be the Gateway Marina. We saw islands, castles and so much more, it was mind blowing. Marty and I were both amazed by this area, and also were Jaspar and Jeff. We stayed in contact using the RainbowSails YC – Synapse (it’s a radio).

After a very long tour, we finally arrived at Fungbulf. Even though it is a bit hidden, is is a wonderful place. Jeff invited us for some Mimosas and we enjoyed some time together after we tuck up and in the boats nicely behind one another. The perfect place for spending some days of vacation, before we take on the next leg.

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Two Peas in a Pot …

Jasper started early the other day, and Marty and I took some days just for us. Next to some quality time with my man, I also used the moment to repaint and finally name our SweetPea. Now she is called “Little Fireman”.

On this morning, due to some conversations on the mobile with Jaspar, I decided to start the next leg, very pleasing I have to say with southern wind. Marty was still, snug as a bug in a rug, sleeping in the cabin, as the first breeze filled the sails and took us up north again.


The sun just came up, and painted the scenery into nice purple shades of light.

Wardroom became smaller and smaller behind the Little Fireman, and Triumphal was the goal to reach. The morningly wind freshened up a bit, and the water spray kept me awake. The waves and sounds of the sails and the mast, woke up my private fire fighter, so he crawled out of the sleeping bag and jumped into something not Adams costume like. Still yawning we sailed together the last part of this leg of the “around the World Tour”.

Triumphal was close, and I could feel his urge for a morning tea, and some real breakfast, just as my body craved something like that.


We set the boat ashore on the beach in Triumphal at the yacht club, and enjoyed our time together, waiting for Jaspar, because that was just the beginning today.

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Two Peas in a Pot

But in our case more like three peas in two pots. Jaspar, my best friend got a great idea. Sailing around the known world with the Bandit Sweetpea. We weren’t with him on his first tour, but we caught up with him at Tunbuckle, so he would have company on his trip. When we finally could start sailing, the night came over, and we sailed most of the tine in moonlight.

We, was not just Jaspar and I, but Jaspar, Marty and me together. Our little cruise took us along the wonderful scenery of the southern coast of Nautilus Island, more far to the east and south. Kings Port was our destination, and with the soft and steady wind blowing from north-east we made nice 5 to 7 knots. The perfect speed to enjoy the view.

When we arrived at Kings Port, the sun was risen and gave us the most beautiful blue heaven, and sparkling water. After all that sailing, we enjoyed some zip lining at that little pirates outpost, before we sailed back  north to Wardroom, to stay for the day and the night.

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Fight, Sail, Love …


I use my blog to express myself, and also to cope with things that happen in my life. Some of you may have already read, that there is a new man in my life. But this special man is not just part of my SecondLife but also of my Real-life. Since we have long distance relationship, some things are taken more hard than they are for real, and we are still figuring everything out, getting used to each other, without getting used to each other.

Yesterday we had such a day, a tough nut, after some more tough weeks, and it was hard, but we managed, and we are in a really good place again. So far the excuse in my private real life.


Today, to refill our batteries, we decided on a small sailing tour in the SweetPea. It is a nice and slow boat, for a lazy but amazing sailing experience. Marty was wearing most of the time his uniform, but that happens when your job is your calling I guess.

Our little cruise started in Vindar, at the RS Yacht Club, down to the south. In the middle of the way, Marty and I met my best friend Jaspar, at Snug Sea. He just came back from the test run for the new rainbowsails cruise, so we had a small but cheeky chat, before we parted, and sailed our ways.


So Marty’s and my way took us down to St.Martin, to the Rainbow Sails Power Boat Charter, where we had a nice time at their cute little beach, before we kept on sailing.


The end was getting down to the Butterfly Island, and to grab there a kayak for a nice and slow ride, along the rainforest together.


That plan, sailing together, spending all this time together worked, and in the end, we needed some snuggle time on the SweetPea. We talked about making it look like a fire-boat, a really old one, we will see what I can make out of it.

And about the love-part of this post, just imagine what happened after that snuggling …

Slow, Steady and yet Fast…

.. teamwork at it’s best!

Today was an almost ordinary Saturday in good old SecondLife. I got up, checked the Cruise, and was happy to see, what I can use my IF for once. We had a nice, small cruise, with slow wind settings around the Sailors Cove, and guess what, nothing out of the ordinary happened.


You may think now, nothing did happen? Heck why should I keep on reading?! Let me tell you why, cuz you like reading, you enjoy sailing, and probably you love pictures of it, or just simply all together. This cruise was great even for beginners, no active zickzack tacking, but some tacking had been there …

The most important part of this cruise was, that Jasp and I was able to team up again, for real this time, and not just on paper. I had a surgery in RL, and needed to take a slight break from Second Life, blogging and all this, so this is me being back, and just enjoying my time. And spending it with one of the most important persons of my SL, makes it even more worthy of a blog post.


It was a bit foggy today, and cloudy, but the wind was amazing, 15 knots from northwest, and Jaspar and I were in a really good mood, sailing together.

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Rainbow Cruise #147 or …

…. how Dakota and I did the mole….


First things first, thank you Kovu for this funny cruise and I will share it with everyone who wants to read it, the “Secret Berdav Mole Cruise – shhh” – how Ko called it.

Dakota my lovely sister and I decided to give her IF a run. This sweet folkboat is named F.I.M. – that is short for Faith in Men – something we kinda lost some month ago… well or way earlier.


The first leg was tough on this sweet boat, cuz we sailed very close to the wind, and we were hoping to see a glimps of the fleet. It took us quite some time, to actually make it to the first rendevous point. But we had a blast!


The third leg was running with the wind, and Kovu decided we shall try different wind speeds, to keep up with the rest of the boats … damn that was fun and in the end we make her run like 15 knts!

The third part of the cruise was very narrow and rough. When other boats just slide along sim-endings, the IF crashes into them and get collesion problems. So all of the speed wont work if there are aircraft carrier in the middle of the way, Destroyer Class ships or others….


Finally we made it home – we were last – but it was mad fun, as always. I haven’t seen ANY moles or mole people, but loats of water and nice friends and places.

Thank you my dear sailors, for waiting that we arrive, and for making sure we made it safe and sound. *offers free hugs to every rainbow cruiser*

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Sweet trips …

It was already late, but my sweet man Quron, agreed to go with me on a small cruise down to the Rainforrest sims, south ofSt. Martin.

I haven’t taken out the Faith for a sail in a long time, mostly because she is a hard nut to be sailed alone. This way, I could teach Q how to work the IF and we hade some very rare and nice quality time, just the two of us.

It was also the first trip with the new updated textures, Thank you Dakota for the gorgeous spinaker!