I found a new job for me!

One sunny day, my sister and I had a cruise to St. Martin, we almost stumbled over a member of the Virtual Coast Guard – VCG. It didnt took him much time, and finally I joined up.

And enlisting was the best thing I could do, cuz I met HIM – my partner in crime, and shopping boats and choppers, the best bestie ever! *kisses and waves with a pacifer*

Thats how it always ended, me half naket and soaking wet, he paying for all the coffee!!

And sometimes we just saw really awesome things. Here a huge tank-ship!

Our Halloween Party!

On 31st of October it always happens. Nice people turn into the horribles or naughtiest versions of human beings, animals or fantasy creatures!

All of our friends were invited, there was just one tiny obstacle, Jaspar and Eon had their elopement party the same day, so i had to party on two events! Here some pics, how THAT worked out!

More pictures you can check out at my Halloween-Album!

And the rest of those pictures are here at the Elopement-Album!