Where is the line?

I write this blog not just to show you nice places in SL, or to help you find new things you can do with your Second Life, but to walk into a club. I also write this blog, to process things that happened, and your comments, usually make me smile, and I am happy for any participation. What I want to write about today, is a difficult subject to me, since I can understand it on one side, but I also don’t think it is something one should support.

“Where is the line?” I am asking that question now, and will get into it right away. Those of you, who are reading my blog frequently know, that I met someone. We are both taking things slow, and simply enjoy the time we have together, since it is rare due to our RL duties. I have a medium sized online footprint, as have most bloggers. Facebook, several pages providing the blog (Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger) and also my Flickr, to support all the pictures I share with you.

Since this man, and I are friends, I helped him to decorate his place, to make it a home. If I do something like that, I usually try to understand the style that person enjoys most, and look up several items, so they can pick from. Basically like a personal shopper, just for homes. While we were applying finishing touches, someone teleported right into the situation, when he hugged me in front of his new BBQ-grill.

I didn’t think much about it, how often do people teleport somewhere to see, their friends have moved, or they logged in after a long while and still had their home point at a place, someone else has rented in time. How could I have known what that hug started. It was like an avalanche shit-storm, I guess no one would have ever expected.


We were about to leave the place, and just a few moments afterwards, someone wrote me a private message. I didn’t understand much about it, but mainly I was stealing someone’s man, and they would wish me good luck?! It bummed the evening a bit, but again, I didn’t think much about it. I had a calm night, and a nice morning, not knowing what was coming for me.

During the day, someone I don’t know, wrote a comment on my blog. That is nothing uncommon, but this message was somewhat weird. Someone told me to think twice about my friend, or spending time with him, accusing him of cheating and so on. I was shocked, and surprised, and honestly don’t think that should be anyone’s business. In the end I marked the message as spam and went on with my life, for about an hour, because someone showed real stalker-potential.

The same person, who messaged me the other day, started liking on Flickr all my pics of him (my friend). But that is not the end of it, she also tried to message me on Facebook. I have to admit, such a behaviour creeped me a bit out. But after I logged in on Second Life, I got another message, in combination with a huge log file. Stalker-potential meets psychotic behaviour.

So back to my earlier question, where is the line? Where jealousy stops and stalking does begin? Is it really so hard for people to be happy for others? Is it appropriate behaviour, to show this way ones affection, AFTER breaking up with someone? What is your thought about it, please comment.


2 thoughts on “Where is the line?

  1. Hey Xsenia, I didn’t know you were going through this shit-storm -_- You are so unlucky, LOL
    Hopefully things got better since you wrote this post, but I will answer your question: I think that jealousy becomes stalking when that person isn’t able to accept the reality anymore (that her relationship ended) and she starts ruining other people’s experiences (bothering and threatening you).
    Some jealousy during a relationship is normal, because most people want their partner to be loyal to them..but that can’t be too extreme, and it can’t happen when the relationship is over.


    • My questions are more … of a rethoric nature, but thank you for your comment Martin, I really appreciate your kind words. I am just glad I still have my friends I can count on, and I don’t mind the stalker-likes on Flickr, just makes my pictures worth more. *smiles* Maybe we can make up some time today, and meet up. The four of us.


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