Ignorance, obscurantism and their fruits…

What can I say, I had lots to do in my real life, so the second life was cut a bit short, and with it all the friends I made there. It is sad, but it happens. What I want to write about today, is as old as the time, but still surprises me, whenever I am confronted with it.

Just to mention some points, people still seem to know nothing about. Persons who play PC-games are all nerds, have no real life, and never see the daylight. Persons who play games like Second Life have no real life, and no real friends…


I don’t understand those stigmata. Nerds in general are simply people who are great with PCs and who do “nerdy” stuff like playing Pen and Paper games, doing roleplay and all sorts of those things. The Big Bang Theory is a perfect show off for that “stigmata”.


The second one is the stigmata Second Life. I for once have friends all over the world. I can’t jump on a plane every weekend and fly to Australia to meet one of my dearest friends. Hence, we can use Second Life to get some sort of feeling to be close with each other and to spent our time together. The same goes for my best friend in real life. She lives in Ulm while I live close to Berlin. We have met several times over the years, and we are simply soulmates, we have known it from the first moment, and we managed it through all the easy and rough waters, a relationship can offer.

But with the distance it becomes hard to feel close, and again, Second Life helps with that. Who hasn’t felt lonely, and better, once another avatar hugs yours? Sitting with her at my place, chatting on the couch and snuggling as friends, sweetens up my weekends, since we both have less and less time with our busy real lifes.


What I am aiming at with this article, is not pointing fingers, but hoping to spread the word, and to educate those, who might not know it yet, or who have troubles to understand. Because just being a nerd, or playing SL, doesn’t mean one has no life… it actually can mean one has a very rich life, with more friends, as time on our hands.


4 thoughts on “Ignorance, obscurantism and their fruits…

  1. /me enoyed reading this post, even though it’s written by a nerd 😛

    I think that a perk of Second Life is that you can do things much faster there than in RL, for instance you can be roleplaying in a medieval sim, and a minute later you can be at an electronic music club; so you can live experiences faster. It’s also a good place where to practice multiple languages, and you can see people from all kinds of countries, while if you just spent most of your free time meeting friends in your own city that’s not the case.
    It’s not true that if you’re on SL, you have no life: you actually have 2.

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    • I love your comment Martin and yes, I admit I am a nerd and I am proud being a nerd. And true, one has two lifes, plus it is not just the language thing, or the option of having experiences faster, it is also the case, that one sees more than only the own nose/town. Many people I met in SL actually are able to challenge me, and that makes it so much richer, as only meeting the same three people, around my place. Don’t get me wrong I love those people, but it is very different, meeting new folks and having completely different experiences, or people who come from a totally different “world” as my small part of world. Thank you for your great statement. I was very happy reading it.


      • I have read a couple of your other posts too; you write deeper things than I expected, for instance those ones about “time” and about “friendship”.
        /me bids you farewell, and goes to meet a person who comes from a totally different world *cough* Dakota *cough*

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