First time for Second Chance(s)

Those of you how read my blog frequently know, that I have a knack for meaningful boat names. The Ushuaia was released right after I met Marty, and even tho I know it is early but I think I can call him the man of my dreams.


After getting the thought that there might be no one out there, who can “stand” me for more than 5 minutes, this, meeting him, was like getting the second chance on living a happy life.


So, since we share this feeling, about the second chance, it became the name of our new boat. I proudly present the first pictures or the ‘Second Chance’.


The Telxiepeia – Jaspars Ushuaia…

… a special paint job for the best friend there is.


Jaspar Recreant is one of the most loving and caring people I ever met. He made my SL worth the while, showed and tought me so much about sailing, flying and especially about friendship.

There are times, when I need more time in RL, but he always accepts it, and he is there, when I get back, and everything is as if nothing has changed. So – man of the year 2015 – for me it is definitely him.