The Ghost Town – A MadPea Adventure…

… or how Lara Silverfall meets Martin “Rambo” Mendle

It all began as a totally ordinary day, as Lara Silverfall opened her mailbox and found a note. There was no sender, nothing to trace this letter back, but what she read was disturbing, and … intriguing.

A darkness controls the soul. A darkness that drives a good man to unfathomable depths of depravity. No one is safe from the murky evil that lurks inside…not you….not me.
Discover the demons that compelled an honest, home-loving man to a murderous spiral of insanity. Capture for eternity the lost souls of his victims and walk among the dead of The Ghost Town.

Her interest was piqued, and she followed all the leads, until Lara finally found the lost fisher town, more a village, like thousands of its kind. But something was different, she could feel it, a darkness was hovering over this place, lurking in its shadows, waiting for one wrong step.


Soon she found an old journal, and the typical old guy, telling horror stories about this tiny town. After reading through the journal, she knew, she had to find all the souls, still wandering this place, haunting it.


But there was something else, a feeling, that she wasn’t alone at this god forsaken place. When she arrived at the town center, someone jumped her from behind, she was ready to defend herself, but strong arms closed in on her and pulled back, right when a piece of wall fell out of nowhere and would have buried the huntress.


Her saviour was no one less, than Martin “Rambo” Mendle, friendly, kind and armed to the teeth. They decided, that it would be more save together, so both hunters tagged along, to relief the lost souls together.


It was a bloody hunt, the cruelties they had to witness will follow them forever. The souls, the ghosts, twisted, stuck in their last final moments of pain, relive their horrors enduring, over and over again, waiting for help.


The dangers of this place, scared the heroes of this story, but this ghost town, also brought them closer together. In the end, they waited for the fairy.. together.

That was a little excursion to the adventures of Lara Silverfall, I know lots of you love to read about her. This Madpea-Adventure is free, and around since December 19th 2015. After being disappointed by the Interview, i thought i will give this one a try, and I had such a blast!

My boyfriend Marty tagged along, and it was his first MadPea-Adventure, and I am pretty sure he is sold. The Ghosts were not too easy to find, but not to hard, the HUD was working great, just as we are used to, and the atmosphere was amazing. For the extra creepy feelings I changed my windlight settings a bit.

I really hope you will check it out yourself, it will be around for a bit, but I am not sure for how long, so be fast! My final result, a total must have, for every SL-adventurer out there!


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