The Interview

The Goliathus Society is hiring. The race for the Job that everyone wants is about to start. Who is going to be the first one to pass the recruitment assessment days filled with mysterious puzzles and intrigue.

How bad do you want it? All you need to do is to pass The Interview…


A good friend gifted me the Gold HUD and I was hyped about it. I loved the Asylum and the Collection, so the Interview was the thing I really wanted to do. All the promises about riddles, for me who does riddle games every day, the perfect thing!


That’s what I thought, and with most rooms indeed, the riddles are tough but doable, with some, it’s really about thinking around the corner. For me, I am used to have a partner, was it sad, I had to do it alone, because you just can go into the rooms all by yourself.


But there is more. To reduce the lag the Madpeas build instances, I love it, but it also causes high waiting times, for me in Germany it basically means I have 3 hours in the mornings, and that is when I get up early. One has just a short amount of minutes, before you get kicked out of a room and you have to revisit. If you are unlucky, you wont get in because another one just took your place.

For someone as easily annoyed as I am.. a big minus!


With that system I am still not through, because one doesn’t just have to solve the riddles, but to find 12 glyphs and insects. The glyphs are no issue, the insects are. I have finished all the riddles, and I am close to give up and ignore the prices.

Also to help with the riddles, there are coins now you can use for hints and help or just to skip a room completely. You get some of these coins in the beginning, but you can buy more of them as well. That combined with the fact that you get really rare hints where to start is a good way of making more money. I know everything in SL is expensive, but come on folks, we pay for the HUDs don’t we? It looks a bit like a pay to win situation…


So what is my final result? I still love the Madpea ideas. ANd I will continue to check them out, because this was one out of three I didn’t like. Do I still think The Collection was the best yet? Of course, do I think some of the riddles were too much even for riddle-pros like me? I do. But next to the annoying part, I did had fun, and that is, what the Madpea is about, isn’t it?


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