That is what I call a second date!

What can I say, for our “second date” I decided to take Marty flying. Yah all of you who read my blog know, with flying I mean sailing, in my wonderful catamaran Dragon Touch II – a Flying Phantom Model.


Tho he is not quite acquainted with such a boat, it was partially a sailing lesson, but he got fast were to move, so we had not even one problem or heeling.

Fitting to that awesome, very “racy” date, because of the fast boat, I thought I will show you another great mesh up song, this one is originally about Kerala boat racing. I am a bit sad that I couldn’t find the lyrics, but I am sure, the music will speak for itself.


Out little tour took us all the way from Gale Nook, to Crows Nest and down to Syrens Isle, where we had a nice little break and chat. Afterwards back to Gale Nook, and some snuggling.


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