A long overdue Family Day

My long-term readers know that I have a kid and that kid has a Dad. We separated on good terms and still take both care of our boy. Since we hadn’t much time together lately, we were able to have a family day just yesterday, and we had so much fun.

Jurasic Park- Family Portrait-CD

Kantows, that is Damiens Daddy, had the great Idea to take us out to a dinosaurs park.

Since I love the T-Rex best, I picked this song to go with it, I hope you will find it as catchy as I do. We all had such a great bonding time together, and it felt really family like again, even more, like nothing had ever shifted or changed during the last year.


Damien even told us what happens when to people get a room, “they start sleeping because everyone knows, that babies come from the birds!” God my son is soo wise, how could I ever doubt that child-logic?!


But the park was great, the dinosaurs were kind, and had eaten, so we could get close to them, on one Damien could even sit for a moment, to take a picture.


It ended how a family day is supposed to end. With Pizza for everyone, beer for the parents and a hot cocoa for the little boy. After some family shots, we took him to bed together, I, as the mommy, read him a good night story, and Daddy fell asleep, before Damien could close his eyes.



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