Commodores Cup 22nd Nov 2015

Sometimes I really hate bad luck. Everything seemed to be fine, Jasp and I were fit, full of energy, and ready to roll. But SL wasn’t with us this very nice Sunday. The day of the first snow. We got distracted slowly after the start, and came to late to the line and right into the wind shadow of Titus’ yacht.

Usually that wouldn’t be so bad, if the scripts wouldn’t be lagging and working… we hadn’t have that luck, and all the race we sailed like being in a wind shadow, as if our yacht would have been made from lead. Soon Kovu got us, brought us into another wind shadow, and the race was basically done, but we kept trying. We did everything like we did on Friday, and finally, on the last two legs, the boat seemed to be back in its place, and groove.

We came in third .. of three… but we came in at all.

Congratulations big time to Titus and Kovu, you really rocked today, you won well deserved. Therefore you will get from me a huge thumbs up and big huggies. If I hadn’t to leave so fast, that would have screamed for a beer together.

Race 32 – 22 November 2015

Race Results:
1: Titus Tobias ID1153 — 00:46:22
2: Kovu Kumel IDBEAVER — 00:48:11
3: Jaspar Recreant ID#181 — 00:48:51

Lap Times:
Titus Tobias ID1153 — Start: 00:00:03 — Lap 1: 00:16:22 — Lap 2: 00:15:03 — Last lap: 00:14:54
Kovu Kumel IDBEAVER — Start: 00:00:27 — Lap 1: 00:16:26 — Lap 2: 00:15:27 — Last lap: 00:15:51
Jaspar Recreant ID#181 — Start: 00:00:07 — Lap 1: 00:16:57 — Lap 2: 00:16:18 — Last lap: 00:15:29


2 thoughts on “Commodores Cup 22nd Nov 2015

  1. waauw a race! I found your postings.. I never used second life.. but can I also sail catamaran for free on that platform! I sail hobie 18 and prindle Escape and I am trying to draw them 3D what is not easy.. but you are the best man that can help I see.. please mail me back.


    • Hey there, i cant 3D them .. i just buy them on second life, and use them. I love my Flying Shadow – thats a 3D rebuild from the Flying Phantom Catamaran irl … the newest baby of OneDesign.

      I am sorry i cant help you, but i cross my fingers, that you figure everything out.


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