Everyone hates braggarts…


I know, I know, no one likes people who gloat. But I can’t help myself, I have to do that. During Jaspars and my training today, we just rocked the boat and the Fruit Islands. After the first win in ages, we were a bit lazy this week, but this Friday, we got back practising, and Lord, we needed that break.

After a rough beginning, we made it right on the point over the start line, just to have our first really fast lap. Unfortunately Jasp hadn’t set up the line properly so it stopped recording BUT our HUDs kept counting and working.

Even with an almost 30 second slide after round one, and our rough start, we made the fastest run EVER on this course, with a 12M.

45:02 minutes, for three laps with some weird fiddling.. awesome. 1 minute and 24 seconds faster then last Sunday when we actually WON the race. I am really looking forward to Sunday. Jasp this one is for you, YOU ROCK!


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