Dancing with my Stars

Last night I checked in on my sister Dakotas set. She has another sister, a friend of me, and the two of us danced together. It was like dancing with the stars all over, because damn she got moves! I wanted to look clubby and fresh for once, so I stepped out of my comfort zone of blue jeans and shirts, and put on a mini and a cropped sweater. Did I felt exposed, heck I did, but I felt good too. And for the first time in a long while I really had fun, I was laughing and just got out there. I even enjoyed the music, which is a huge compliment to my sister Dakota, because I usually hate electronic beats.

It was awesome to dance and just have fun with the girls, although .. I was chatting via SMS (some would call them IMs) with a special someone.. and dang he made my panties drop so hard, that they just ripped a hole down to Australia. I think I need to ask a friend there to retrieve them, so I can get them back.

While the evening passed by, something happened, and I am really happy about it. I don’t know how or why but.. suddenly Ana told me, that I am a sister to her as much as Dakota is. That really warmed my heart. This way I am flattered, that we became family, even without being related by blood, or in the SL universe, related by bits.

I think, I should do that more often, getting out of my comfort zone, who knows what good it might brings, when I am out of my jeans…


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