Winter is comming…

No I wont tell you that you know nothing, but I felt winter-ish and Christmas-ish, so I decided to have a long horseback ride through the famous Aero Pines Park, where they do have already winter and snow. My horse GG was more then happy for some movement. And while I was riding, and enjoying the cold air, I started thinking, that it would be nice to have an actual horse.

To get into it I try to explain. There are horse avatars, they do look amazing and very detailed. The animations are great and what can I say, I think I love them. The only problem is I don’t want to be one, I just like to “own” one. Bot in a more friendshippy kind of way.

I hoped to find some place where one could “adopt” a friend this way. Just like there are all the adoption agencies for kids and furries. But I couldn’t find one. All one can find, is the naughty kind of way, and that is by far nothing I would enjoy. So my question to all of you is, if you know such a place or maybe a horse-roleplayer, who would like to have an owner, to play with now and then, please tell me, I would love to meet them.

And maybe even help others with the same thing, people like me, looking for someone to be their horse, they can really build a connection with, and not just an attachment. No offence GG!


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