The Tea Connection

Sometimes friendship blooms in the most unexpected ways. As I wrote  in my post “Sometimes it takes a blog“, Rita and I became friends, after meeting. Now it became sort of a habit meeting over a cup of tea or coffee, at my place or hers.

I know I haven’t wrote much lately, but I had always someone to talk to, this way.. I never really felt the urge to bring my thoughts onto paper. But now I feel I ow you, my dear readers, that I get back into it. I hoped my writers block would move by itself, but it didn’t, so I think, maybe I need just push through, to get back to my happy place.

The last few week happened a lot, actually too much, to get it all down and into words. Some things threw me onto an emotional roller-coaster, but I hope the bad trip will end soon enough.

I wouldn’t be me, if I wont try to tell you some facts. Dakota my sister found a place for herself again, it might just be a sky box, but we build her a very nice Asian place. Something that made me thing and smile, because we both are into Asian stuff and we both kind of… neglected it. I think it is time to re-embrace it.

Therefore the partial Asian set up for the picture, and one of my fav songs. I am still very unhappy with what I wrote but in the end, I wrote something. It can’t be always a flowing river, some times, we just have to slowly step over the ice floes.


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