The fog

“Like a ship at sea, I’m lost in a fog
My mind is hazy, my thoughts are blue
Guess I’ll always be kinda
Lost in a fog without you

It was sunny every day
The sky was fair above
But you took the light away
The day you took your love”

– Lost in a Fog by Ella Fitzgerald

After all that happened, I maybe really need some time out. Some ME-time, to gather my thoughts, to just get around all the stuff that happened. To be honest, sitting down, and writing, pushing through that writers block, is a first step, and now, with blog post number five I finally start feeling better, and more connected to my creativity. I missed that.

Yesterday I tried another approach, some lonely kayaking, in the morning fog, through Sailors Cove all up t the north of Second Norway. It was indescribable. Calm, fresh, I could really feel the frost biting my cheeks, the fog getting into my clothes, getting them slightly wet, while I was enjoying all the last colours of this wonderful autumn. An autumn that will be over soon, a little bird told me.

20151118 - schokker

But after the kayak ride, I needed more, so I decided, to go out in my Schokker, a boat I haven’t sailed in a long time, and give her a run, all the way up to the Rene Marina. I don’t know how to put it but, this being alone, just enjoying the beauty of this second life I am happy to call mine, put everything back in a perspective and helps seeing the bigger picture. Plus, it helped me t get out of my bed, opening my notebook, and keep writing, until I don’t have to think twice, for a single word.

20151119 - blogging


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