Dragons Touch II – Flying Shadow Series

It took me quite some time to find a name I like, and a theme. After I finished the Wombat Dreaming – the Catamaran scheme I painted for Jasp, I thought it is actually a nice idea. Tho he is from down under, it is something like his national art.


I thought bam thats it, but how to put it for me? I am from Germany, and germanic tribes moved, got mixed up and never really were much into arts .. more into fight and war.


After some research, I decided, to go with a very common theme, dragons, but with lots of celtic knots, everything painted with chalk-technique, tho I just needed a few colors, and could build them up nicely. Plus this way, even if it was a lot of work, one can see every single brush streak. I am very proud of myself with this one, and I a quite happy that my dear Jaspar is a tiny bit jealous, because he thinks, the Dragons Touch II looks actually better than the Wombat Dreaming II.


On the pics you can see us, on the first official tour, just around Fastnet Rock and back. Next thing on my list, matching WetSuits XD .. yeehaw!


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