Rainbow Cruise #158 or ..

.. how Jaspar shows he is secretly a genius!


This weekends cruise was special. It was kind of all in one. Fast, long, a boot motor usage and almost no tacking. You say its impossible? That’s what we thought, but Jaspar has proven us all wrong. And he made it, the perfect cruise for lazy bugs like us rainbow sailors.


I decided to grab my newly refurbished Shields Class Sailboat – the Dakota – and take this one on. We had a huge fleet this time, and a really fun cruise, even with some minor or major issues… because sometimes it doesn’t matter if lag or not.. some people crash soe don’t, some fall from first place back to the last.. and others catch up pass by and lead the field again.


But we have no race, we have just a bit friendly competition, while the fleet stood close together, all the way through. And I even saw the harbor of the Blake Pearl. I am a bit frightened, that now that I found it, they may visit me, and start bombing, raiding and pillaging Hay Harbor!


Thank you J for this awesome cruise! For all pics of the cruise, hit it here!


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