Madpea – Peatonville Asylum …

… or how Dr. Quron Death found an unsuspected victim…


It always starts harmless they say. It just looks frightening they say. If you see someone obviously insane, smile at them.. they say. You know what.. screw them, if it looks odd – RUN – like you have never done before in your life. Or you might end up, like this humble blogger. Stabbed.. twice .. blinded.. electrocuted… tortured.. and.. with a candy cane in your left eyeball.


How it all started? Well… it began … very harmless… with the someone who pointed my interest onto a special relic, a stone. But not just a common rock, a soulstone. After some research I found out, that I might be able to find one at the Peatonville Asylum. Oh yah great idea, me a humble sailor, walks into an abandoned asylum just two weeks before all hallows eve… Samhain or simply Halloween. What could possibly go wrong?


You my dear reader know.. if someone asks what possibly could go wrong, the simple answer is EVERYTHING! And that was just what happened. I jumped on the next ferry to Peatonville Island and had.. the time of my life! well or the last… time of my life.. I am not quite sure how to put it. On the fairy I ate something that was calles Zombie Fried Chicken. Yah sure it’s october, its halloween time.. its prolly just spicy chicken… but later.. just minutes after I arrived at the island… everything turned blurry. I remember someone smiling at me, talking wear things.. and everything went black but one thing, still roams through my brain. Screams! painful horrible screams… and while I was thinking, what poor fella could be in such pain.. I recognized my own voice…


When I opened my eyes, I was on my knees, looking up to a steel door. the chains of it lay in the grass, grass that was supposed to tickle my skin, but there was no tickle, no roughness just.. cold… a cold that dripped through my veins like thick sirup, reaching every last piece of my so-called body. There was no pain anymore.. I still remember the screams… but no pain.. there was no pain… but ice, that crawled along my skin, pale skin that once was golden and warm. What had happened to me?


A nice man leaned down, and helped me on my bare feet. Standing upright was wear, it felt like needles on my skin and cotton around my head. He smiled at me, he didn’t talk but stared, interested and smiling. he remembered me of a proud owner of a puppy that learned a new trick. And so it began….


The Peatonville Asylum – a Madpea production, made me scream, squeak and squirm big times, all over my evening. The story is simple, something horrible happened at an asylum, it’s all about a rock, and if you are a Gold Pea you have to find the ghosts of all of the victims, followed by a gridwide hunt for the shards of a soulstone.


Some shards are easy to find, others just don’t. A special, happy moment was Dutch Harbor again, what Analyse Dean did for this Madpea, awesome, it deserves a look, even for no Pea-ers. Seven hours caught this game my breath, but probably because I was so distracted by frightening other players, with my more than gruesome looks. All in one, this game tops again, and is worth your money and time!

If you wanna see all picture of the Madpea – Run, just click here!


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