Interesting turns…

Yesterday was  more than just a “what shall we do day!” but more of an “let’s see the news at Dutch Harbor, and snoop around a bit”-day. It was the best decision we made in a long time! If someone things, that Analyse and Dutch are out of ideas or lazy, they are SO wrong!

The first discovery was the water lock that finally is ready to use. I thought month ago, dang is she building a water lock there and hell yes! They did it, and its amazing. The sounds the sensation. Sure the linden water doesn’t has the ability to rise but heck.. it’s a working water lock! Here at Dutch Harbor, I am so in love with it, I could keep writing about it all the time, but it’s not what I wanted to ramble about.

A new Bandit?

No, it’s the Mary Celeste … and that girl stole my heart! Is she big.. of course, does she have a belly.. heck yeah.. but no one has ever seen so lovely ropes! The first thing we did after walking all over those amazing planks and snooping it all out, was .. Jasp and I having our Titanic-Moment!

A new Bandit?

Now lets talk about the ship. There was a main cabin, and a second one with 6 bunks down up front in the hull. it has a moon-pool and several hatches. TWO!!! masts and so beautifully closed sails, like if she is sleeping and just waiting for the perfect crew! And of course, It’s another Analyse Dean – Miracle Child!

You may think, ok.. that was Analyse, but she mentioned Dutch earlier as well. You are right, I did, and I am not promising too much, when I tell you about the latest Darling in his fleet. Just two days to go, and this beauty will be up for sale.

It's gonna be MINE!

The “Flying Shadow” a foiling catamaran, another RL-rebuild here in SL .. the original is the “Flying Phantom” and just watching this video gives me goosebumps all over. And now we will have that adventure finally in here too! I am in LOVE!

Tho people, get your wetsuits out, put some helmets on and PFDs and lets FLY sailing!


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