As the leaves are falling …

Like little drops, of red and yellow,are you my friends, the fairies who call the autumnal falling. The time of rain, of storms. The time of snuggling in front of the warmth. I don’t want to imagine a fall, without someone to hold on to.

My fall this year is great so far, and like someone, keeps warming my heart, in his.. very own special way, the warm colors of the fall, wrap the world in a cozy blanket, to get ready for the long sleep of winter.

Today, I spent a lot of time with preparing my home. I got rid of all the summerly fresh things, and went for warm reds and yellows, to make the autumnal feeling complete. The only thing I could miss now, is a partner by my side, but I think that’s just a formality.


To get out of my four walls, I took a tiny cruise, to Eagle Mountain. One of the new tenants there, approached me earlier today, about how impressed he was with my place and landscaping. We kept talking for a while, and he told me, where he lives, and.. it was near by. Another reason why you gotta love the Sailors Cove. You meet new friends, by just sitting at home, and all of them, have the same interests, and often similar opinions about land design.

A week ago, we all got the message, that autumn spreads its wings, over the Cove, and I don’t know what I thought might happen, but what I saw today, was just amazing. I really felt the cold air burning my cheeks, the raw fall wind, brushing my hair, like a steamy lover, and the waves, spraying my not water proof clothes. I am writing this, while I sit in front of my fireplace, holding a big mug of cocoa, while a fall storm is roaming around the Isle.

If you feel bored… and if you don’t know what to do, put on some warm clothes, and visit us in Sailors Town, rez a boat, and roam around. My last words for today, are part of an initiative on Flickr. “Mainland Matters!”


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