Slow, Steady and yet Fast…

.. teamwork at it’s best!

Today was an almost ordinary Saturday in good old SecondLife. I got up, checked the Cruise, and was happy to see, what I can use my IF for once. We had a nice, small cruise, with slow wind settings around the Sailors Cove, and guess what, nothing out of the ordinary happened.


You may think now, nothing did happen? Heck why should I keep on reading?! Let me tell you why, cuz you like reading, you enjoy sailing, and probably you love pictures of it, or just simply all together. This cruise was great even for beginners, no active zickzack tacking, but some tacking had been there …

The most important part of this cruise was, that Jasp and I was able to team up again, for real this time, and not just on paper. I had a surgery in RL, and needed to take a slight break from Second Life, blogging and all this, so this is me being back, and just enjoying my time. And spending it with one of the most important persons of my SL, makes it even more worthy of a blog post.


It was a bit foggy today, and cloudy, but the wind was amazing, 15 knots from northwest, and Jaspar and I were in a really good mood, sailing together.

Basically he was my “weight” to keep the IF flat in the water, but he was also a second pair of hands, helping me with the sails, even if I was more fast most of the time.


We even inspired Titus to take his IF as well. It was a bummer that he had to leave after the first leg, but that he was with us at all, made it just perfect! As you can see on the picture, we always tried to keep the lights green and neat, no autopilot… but the commodore.. was a bit cheating. We love you anyways Big T!


We had our break at Frasiers Island. Our little two person team, took the time to have a walk all over the place, enjoying the tropical climate and the beach we discovered. For this place my scarf was definitely a bit too much!


We had quite a nice fleet, even on the last part back. Jaspar and I managed to stay second for a long time, but eventually the big boats caught up and passed us, on the last sims to Vindar. For my new beginning, after the short break, it was the perfect cruise. And a huge thank you to my Copilot and CoSailor and amazing best friend, for crewing up.

Like always you can look up the whole album on Flickr!


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