It must have been the ship’s kobold!

The fog was thick and dense
One could not even see his hand before the eyes
The ship navigated through the sea without a sound
The navigator saw nothing anymore
The crew was full of fear
And they all drank too much rum
So that no disaster would happen today
They sang this old song:

Hey hey hobgoblin – our ship is your home
Huh huh and if you want to we’ll all drown in the sea
Hey hey hobgoblin – another glass of rum on this
Huh huh take our word a sailor won’t be knocked for six
A sailor won’t be knocked for six

As you can see, this lyrics are originally in german, it is a really old song, but by the lag I had today, I guess it must have been the ship’s kobold! My day was all about boats, what makes me now just snuggle on my couch with my notebook on the lap, writing out of the coziness of my house while the fireplace warms everything. But let me start at the beginning.

I started my day with a short tour to Vindar, to get the cruise details for this weekend. I decided to pick the Madpea, because .. damn.. she needed a run, and I could do some relaxed sailing.


When I arrived at Vindar, I met Kovu while he was just putting up the new cruise vendor. I grabbed the notecard and made my run back home, just enjoying the smooth waves and the nice fresh wind. Sometimes.. I could swear.. the sounds and the view .. I can smell the water and the sea breeze.


Back home I took the time to inspect the cruise details, and was slightly shocked. A cruise with almost just tacking.. nothing else, tough nut to crack. But what boat shall I take? Bandit IF fell through the cracks cause of the tacking. Almost every other boat was sailed recently by me. Tho it was a tie between Madpea and Loonetta.


My Loonetta won. She got the sweet name “True Love” and yes I know, totally Dawson’s Creek! We sailed today with a big fleet, something that told us before we started, that it will be laggy as hell. But we all know, lag is nothing else as the ship’s kobold!


Second Life was very kind, by messing some of the boats up. This way some were hella faster than others, and the fleet got separated. When I finally arrived the first rendezvous point, I moored my >True Love< and joined Jaspar on his >Thelxipea<, I decided, to be his ship’s kobold!


But Jasp knows how to deal with little critters, tho he kept me fed on Banana Split and whipped cream, and the lag was almost gone. this way we arrived at Vindar safe and sound, where I took an old harbor boat and drove relaxed back home.

A huge thank you to Tad Loony for this loony cruise. It was.. something else, and for sure NOT boring!

Instead of a joke I will quote something.

Xsenia Silverfall: maybe i do madpea
Kovu Kumel: mad pee?
Xsenia Silverfall: yah i got mad pee suck it up lol
Kovu Kumel: if you use the mad pee you need to drink less ;P
Xsenia Silverfall: love you too Ko ^^


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