Chariots of Fire…

This planet is turning our tires are burning
Start up the engines I’m ready to go
You caused a commotion and got my devotion
We should be Bonnie and Clyde on the road

I feel fascination a kicking sensation
This is my turn and I’m striking for gold

Let’s fly this truck through the sky
Worlds colliding, we keep on riding

O-oh, chariots of fire
Higher and higher, ascending above
O-oh chariots of fire
Share my desire, creation of love
O-oh, chariots of fire
Higher and higher, ascending above
O-oh chariots of fire
Share my desire, creation of love

Tho first of all i gotta kick that person to mars who is writing in my name, and being so dark and crushed down in spirit lately. But by a look in the mirror i saw, it was me. I don’t want to be this person, feeling all bad and sad and roasting in self pity.

I am a Gemini tho its part of my personality to be able to flip a switch, and let my other half rule for a while. I did this today, because, I wasn’t recognizing myself. I started crying by the slightest nice gesture of a friend, as if I am not deserving him liking me. So this ends now! … At least for a while.

I am one of these humans who works best with music. Play sad music, and I will get sed. Play fun music, and my mood is brightening. This time it was my creativity that pulled the plug on my sadness again. I finally refurbished the Chariot – that’s my Boss 225.

When I first rode the demo of this boat, I felt… like this one song I enjoy so much. The song I am sharing with you in this post as well. And like so many times before, this song, brightened my day, lifted my spirits and scared away all the bad thoughts and tears, which are lurking in the shadows of my personality.

BHYC Chart 003

With this new spirit, i asked my bestie Jasp for a cruise today, and we decided to do the latest Brook Hills Yacht Club Cruise (#03) today. A bit late, but hey.. the day has just so much hours, right?!

It’s been a while that we sailed the Bandit IF, but its a favorite of us, tho we grabbed the Faith – that’s my IF – and took on this cruise, even with the long starboard tack back home. We are always trying our best, tho no autopilot, but keeping all the lights neat green. No faking there.


The cruise was short and very nice, we had surprisingly rare problems with the sims or sim crossings, and this time there was no rain in Sailors Cove South, means, we stayed dry, at least untill a wave hit the boat, it heeled very much and.. you can imagine the rest.


We skipped a short part on the end, but went to my place, where my other good friend Claw was waiting for us. He was curious about the paint job on my Chariot as well, and offered me, to make a sweet little flag for it. How can i say no?!


After some chatter, I took Jasp and brought him home, using the Boss 225, and got another great look at his Thelxipea, his B55 that just left my berth for refurbishing.


Thank you for this lovely day Jasp, and thank you for every thing else as well. My adventure ended, with me driving home, and getting all warmed up again, at the fire pit on my beach at Hay Harbor. I will not forget this day, and how good it felt and feels.



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