Still Summer Party 2015…

.. or Dakotas RezBirthMas

On September 29th 2015 we had another of our famous private parties. This time the subject was Still Summer but not just it. No, my lovely sister and best friend Dakota had her rezday and soon birthday which we madly celebrated!

We gathered all of our friends, and some people who just became friends during the party, and made it count. The last days of summer and we are in between, dancing the night away.

Dakota took her place behind the DJ booth and spinned us awesome tunes, while i took my job as host and welcomed everyone, helped with ice cold Corona, dance animations or bratty comments.

A special gift for Dakota was also part of the evening. She LOVES fireworks, and she turned three in SL, tho i organised some awesome fireworks for her, three times over the evening.

It was just fantastic and so naughty. We had so many so good looking people around, that i was most of the time slobbering, happy i could hide behind my camera and shoot every single one of them.

We danced, laughed and partied for over five hours! Kinda untill the sun came up again. After we said our goodbyes to the last guests, Dakota and i cleaned up the mess and just fainted onto the beachtowels, with no ability to just move one muscle. What an adventurous day!

My special thankies to everyone who joined us. To Kovu and Zo for coming around with such a great mood… it was amazing. Your spirit can light up every pitch black night. To Dex and Sebastian for your awesome hotness, making us faint with every hip swing! To Jasp, who came in late, but stood up early just to be with us, and to everyone else for sharing your time and support with us. If you want some of the pictures – just send me an IM and i will upload them for you.

To check out the whole Album, it’s like always on Flickr!


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