Second Date or…


… how interesting a “free sex” sim can be!

Aeon, who isn’t really sure how i shall call him either tho.. we are sticking with “whatshammicalya” – took me out for our second date. It wasn’t really a date-date but we spent time together at a special place, this time it was the Amazon-River – sims.

It looks amazing, they do have quests and experience points –all you ask for. Animals… findings .. and interestingly very..very many sex toys.

We found surprisingly a lot of them tho… we came to the comclusion that these sims are really interesting and great made roleplay kind of free sex sims. Nothing wrong about that, but kind of weird for the second date.

Great for my female readers, lots of hot dudes are roaming there free, all of them half naked. I liked that view very much!


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