Rainbow Cruise #153

During the last cruise of RSYC, Poseidon was angry seeing some Rainbow Sailors pissing against the wind without the gold ring attached to the ear. At the height of his anger, he sent us all crashing on the coast on unknown land far, far away from home.
It remains for us to rebuild our boats to go home and punish the guilty with the whip on the bare buttocks in front of all the sea dogs to appease the God of the Winds.
A Sal cruise in perspective …

This weekends cruise was a huge one. It took us all the way out to Mallow’s Bay. A long way from home, through narrow mainland channels and with tacking most of the time. On top of this, we had a very bitchy SL, kicking us off like a mean bronco on it’s worst day!

I decided very short to take my Nemo out. Nemo in this case not the model Nemo but my Nacra 17, which i called Nemo. By looking at the paintjob, you soon will figure out why.

Salome did a great cruise, and without the SL issues, it would have been goergeous, the places this cruise took us, were eyeopening and breath taking.

The first rendevous point basically noone reached on their own. most of us had to rerez their boats there, due to a crash one sim earlier…. Poseidon or Eole.. was still very upset with us…

The long way home was like a race, especially Kovu and i raced our Nacras on the limit, and faught for the lead. Here i had it for once.

Thank you to Salome for this challenging cruise, i will totally go for it again, when SL and the gods of the sea will be more on my side.

Now my latest tradition, a sailor joke, this time in form of a picture!

If you wanna see all of the pictures, they are in my Flickr-Album:


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