Madpea – The Collection …

… or how Quron Jones and Lara Silverfall saved the world …. somehow…


It all started with an invitation.. doesn’t it always? Quron my boyfriend got a golden ticket, for the newest Madpea production, the collection. He wanted me to come along, so thanks to Fukuju Amaterasu, i got a golden ticket myself. She gifted me her second one – lucky number 5 … or unlucky?


So on Thurday noon, it was time to visit the red carpet, for the early opening to “The Collection”. The mood was high, but we all could feel … something was in the air… not right… a tiny shiver on the back, goose bumbs all over the arms … after a warm welcome, Kiana and Madpea itself send us on the mission!

A sad one, our Grandfather died, and we inherited it all. We got the key to his appartment and a letter, now we had to find it!


From the appartment it sends us to the pawn shop. We didn’t knew that Grampa was into such things … after some trying, we finally could open the irons and walk in.. just to smash the probably antique vase.. right next to the door. Just good its ours now.. noone could send us a bill!


Sniffing around.. thats something Q and I are very good at, so we didn’t need much time, to sniff all we needed out.. and we even had a nice little break at the diner! I took the time, while we waited for our late lunch, to read the journal we found. it was very old, and cryptic.. I felt with the poor soul who worte it. >Never trust american men.. mother always said…<

We found also a weird trumpet… and it played a strange.. sad melody all alone… what is behind this… at first.. we thought it was just a game?!


In the laundry we found a card from a magic shop.. on the way there, to get some information and explenations… someone tried to throw us off the road. Our car was smashed.. we had mad luck that we survived.

Strange was, the truck was without driver… and there was something weird under it.. but I couldnt reach it tho…


After a long trip Quron and I finally arrived at the magic box.. erm.. shop, no Buffy no Angel but a slightly creepy, very friendly old Lady, who needed our help. In return, she would give us the missing journal pages. Hrmm missing.. well I should probably read it again…

She asked us for help, and we agreed. While Quron talked to her about the terms, I tried the Evil-Tester… it seems that I am the devil herself. Awesome! Me likey!

Some sniffing around and snooping through books later, we finally took on the journey, to find the things the old Lady was asking for.(Considering you want to play to, I wont spoiler here!)


Complete Journal, check! Reading the complete journal, check! Getting stuff to survive.. check.. but… do I believe in demons?!

We followed the journal, in the footsteps of the female author. We found secret places, and know ones. At Dutch Harbor, we discovered a new old design by Analyse Dean, the Bandit Madpea … we hijacked the prototype, to set over water to the Dixie Queen…


Many waters we had to cross, many lands. By plane, car, bike or boat. At Gabriel we took a break, and made some music together… but all we were able to play, was this melancholic walz. it frightened us… while Quron tried to find logical expanaitions, I froze more and more.. from the inside… feeling my blood coldening….


One place was very strange, I found a shack… it must have been there for ages, in front of it was a semi tame leopard… I was able to come closer… but suddenly it hissed at me and growled .. so we ignored it, and kept looking, for the missing bass drum.

After we collected all the missing instruments… it wasnt even our decision, it was a drive… insane… to collect them. I feld a bit lunatic, but that’s not unnormal for me … so after we collected all of them … something happened. A music sheet appeared… with this same melanchilic and frightening song.. and while we could hear it.. the sheet turned into a map.. and pulled us.. out of the.. space-time-structure, and we woke up.. at a weird place. It was old.. smelled like mold and rotten wood.. and it was pitch black. Not even lanterns could help us to see more.

Without the flash of my camera, we would have been uber blind!


A long way through dark woods and over old bridges later, we found stairs in the darkness. Climbing them was the only other option, or fallowing the path back into the woods. The clock must have turned midnight, when Quron and I finally arrived at the top of the cliff, and found the old haunted mansion, just like the journal described.

Doubts came up. Was it right what we did? Someone went through great length to hide the instruments. She died, to keep the world from harm.. and now.. we are here, at this haunted.. crused place, bringing the instruments all back….

The Mansion was huge, and it smelled weird. Not like molt but old, spider webs covered most of the rooms, and the rest was dusty and yet.. it didn’t seemed as if so many years have passed…

In the garden… we could still smell the blood. The chaos was… it was as if it just happened … and not over 200 years ago. When I put the music sheet on the podest, the instruments flew by itself to the chairs.. and started playing… again this.. weird… melody … my blood froze to ice.. and it still does, just writing about it.


I dont know why, but while the music was playing a wind came up, drawing me to the huge stone symbol. Quron and I started to examine it when we heard this voice.. a dark voice… straight from hell! The amulett i wore for safety, bruned ice cold into my skin, and Q hold me close, tossing holy water all over the creature.. but before it could harm us, the demon dissapeared, and the seal beneith our feet cracked …. while we fell and fell … I lost my consciousness.


As I woke up, I still rested in Qurons arms. He wasn’t hurt either. the dimmed light of the candles, seemed bright for the first moments, but then.. we discovered, we were save… in a vault, filled with… gifts, for those who survived… the game!

One day later….


An award was handed to me, for being one of the golden ticket owner, and for finishing the game. My bottom line, it was it worth it. Every single, breath taking, goose bumpy, blood freezing second. Thank you to the Madpea team, for your awesome work. It was my first, but it wont be my last.

And with tears in my eyes, i accept this award, and wishing for.. world peace!

For all the fotos in big, color and uhm.. big … you are welcome to check my Flickr-Collection!


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