Madpea for Jaspar “Gates”…

… supported by Lara Silverfall

It was such a day again. I was sleeping so well, and woke up so nicely, by the ringtone of my cellphone. It was Jasp, “Jaspar Gates”. We know him and his adventures. Finding National Treasure(s), and Secret Book(s). But this time it wasn’t about his family, but about something, I already experienced. The collection demon was free again, and they asked him for help.

And he, asked me, his best friend. So once again we dressed up, and started.. at grandpas house….

We fought us through lag, relogs, and dumpsters … and finally arrived at the magic shop. I lost my drive … this time when I used the evil tester, I lost two ranks… probably a malfunction…

Sand in my boots … sand in my pants, sand at places where never a men was before! One of the last pieces, i am tired, i hope we will be able to stop the demon this time!

Finally the mansion, mosquitos ate me alive, and Jasp as well. Without these lanterns, we would have been lost in the woods. Now the really dangerous part begins!

After all.. the silver vault guest book. We made it, we survived! the demon is defeated and Jaspar can grab his prizes. And i know which one he is drawn to the most…

The Bandit Madpea, we found this old, vintage boat, and fixed it. After some calm moments at Hay Harbor, we jumped on it and sailed straight home!

On the way back we found Garith waiting for us. So he jumped aboard as well! The three of us on the Madpea… what a great feeling, after so much adventure!


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