Just an ordinary day!

Just a day,
Just an ordinary day.
Just trying to get by.
Just a boy,
Just an ordinary boy.
But he was looking to the sky.
And as he asked if I would come along
I started to realize
That everyday he finds
Just what he’s looking for,
Like a shooting star he shines.

He said take my hand,
Live while you can
Don’t you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand


Just like the lyrics of Vanessa Carlton, my day was pretty ordinary, well it started like this, but how it turned out? I put on my Animare-HUD for this gorgerous shot in the water, close to the beach where i live. Even Samson my Orca helped me and just showed up in the right moment for this shot. Just a few minutes later, Jaspar ….


my lovely, sexy bestie came over to me, to hijack me for a ride in his new Madpea. He grew very fond of that boat, something I can totally relate to. He even told me his ‘fuck off’ line.

“OH! I am sorry, you must have mistaken me with someone who cares!”

While we were sailing someone called me home, someone I grew fond of the last week, for a surprise. He hates shopping for clothes and fitting and everything that comes with it.. but he did it even with full TMP Body… what a surprise, I am still smiling about this kind- and sweetness.


While we were talking, Damien woke up, and wanted some fun on the beach with his mommy. He was his usual bratty, and nosey self, but he swam, for the first time alone, with floaties, but he swam. I am a very proud mommy right now!


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