Joyparade or 3-way?

It’s okay
When it’s in a 3-way
It’s not gay
When it’s in a 3-way
With a honey in the middle
There’s some leeway
The area’s grey
In a 1-2-3-way

Today started awesome with naughty pictures in my inbox, and it kept getting better! Around midday my two favorite male persons, who arent my.. whatever … wanted to do a 3-way of a special kind. I love them both madly so i suggested, that we can make it on a new cruise. We have a new yachtclub in town, well in Brook Hill Estates, and they had their first cruise on Sunday. I couldn’t join back then, but i had the data, so we did it today, in my Trudeaus Patchogue!

Its a short, sweet cruise, around 40 to 60 minutes. Due to some wind setting issues, we did the first half of the cruise with awesome 20 to 22 knots boat speed … oh hell!!! The simborders were rough, and we had to escape some roling restarts…

Jasp and Garith are always fun to be around, honestly, i had bad problems to take care of the sails and steer the boat, while the two of them were joking and laughing and just making fun of everything. I basically got high on endorphine just listening, but i wouldn’t be me, if i hadn’t joined them, and made it worse… or better.. depending on the view!

There were even times, when i had to look the other way, or maybe, Garithjust took the moment when i looked the other way, to feel up Jasps pants, well or what he got in there. At least… by judging from jasps smile, he really enjoyed it!

In the end, no roling restart got us, we had a fun cruise, without any issues, and with working together a lot. I wanted to say that G-Man is the one to blame for his jinxing the restarts.. but nothing happened, and i dont want to hear, that i would never let the truth come in the way of a good story.*winks at Jasp*

My fazit: Lets totally do it again boys, i love our threesomes!


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