Hay Harbor, an intimate view…

It took us several weeks to redo our place. Tho basically it was me doing the place and decoration, and Hera build the houses, the furniture we put down ourselfes, for sure. But i am very proud we are finally presentable, and i thought i would give you a walk through, of the two houses, and a bit of the outskirts.

We start with my lake-house-cottage-bavarian-country styled home.

Here some impressions of my porch, entrance, living room and kittchen. As you can see i am totally into gatcha-decorations and other unique or rare things for my place.

As we walk on, i show you my dining room, the room of Damien my son with slight view into his bathroom, my bathroom and the secret bedroom of mine. Like downstairs, i like it colorfull but try to keep it real. And i am messy and like to have my stuff all over the place.

Back outside, the highest of my cliff terraces complete with breakfast table, and my beach, still with summer setup.

Taking one of the rowboats to the other part of te island, we can walk up the cliff stairs and terraces, up to a small stone path to the small, cosy lodge of my neighbour Hera. She is the one building these georgous houses in blender. I just do the texturing.

Hidden behind some trees, in the middle of sweet wild flowers, her wooden lodge has three rooms, and a big porch. Here you can see all of them, including a small shot of her beach at the feet of the cliffs. I love the timber along the roof inside, i cant wait that she will finish doing mine.

Finally i will take you to the lighthouse that helps bypassing ships not to ran into the undepths of our place, and let you have the overall view onto our sweet parcel, right in the heart of sailors cove.

If you want to check out these pics in full size, Flickr always helps!


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