First real Madpea run – the boat for sure


My day wasnt that good today, but Jasp always know how to get my sad look changing into a smile. He asked me for a last sail together, cuz he will be on a trip for a week, and he suggested, to take the new Madpea, I call my own.

I love this boat. Its something for the lazy peeps, being lazy without being the one to blame for being lazy. Awesome! With her autotrim sails, and the great cinematic cam, it’s easy to make great pictures, and I really enjoyed the fresh sea breeze on my face, cooling of some of the tears.

But Jasp don’t just know how to make me happy but jealous to the bone. I am such a green eyed monster at the moment. A trip to a sailing race…. hrmmm why couldn’t you invite me?*pouts and makes puppy eyes*

I will miss you all week long J, and the only thing that will keep me from messing up your IM box is.. sailing the new awesome Bandit Madpea – special boat, special prize and special memories!


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