First Date …

… or how i discovered that men can be creative!

You, my dear readers may realised it by now, but your humble blogger, that would be me, met someone. And tho we both send everyone around us gauntlet running when we first meet them, we both seem to have not just a sweet tooth for each other but a sweet core as well. All sweet and squishy and mellow.

After two very busy weeks for the both of us, we managed to take some time off, just for the two of us, to have our first date. And girls, hold your pants, he organised it completely! I was smiling like a cookie and tho he is totally into planes, he took me to his airfield, because we started flying. I always knew aman need to sweep me off my feet – this one took it literally!

We flew by some airfileds, and ended at Grand Manan where we had a sweet picknick, with some Chai Latte, coffee, cookies and milkshakes AND – some serious snuggles.

– Damn gotta love that beard! – He was obviously telling me a lot of naughty things!

After that adorable picknick, we took of with one of his choppers, a.. lets call itbumble bee, and flew to the just newly re-opened Galaxy. The two of us were VERY curious and excited to see it open again, and not just this, we actually saw the SL-moles working.

After some brunching, we called a watercab to the marina, where my Hope is moored. This way i was in control for once and brought him home, to the airfield, where it began.

Thank you Ae for this sweet and amazing first date, i am looking forward to many others in the near future.


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