Dirty girls
Make some noise
Move that ass for dirty boys
Dirty boys
So obscene
Like to see the girls extreme

Like Faderhead with their lyrics, i just can tell, bois and gals – aren’t really that different. With the right crowd… all of them are naughty and dirty! Yesterday Jasp took us for a ride in his B55, we haven’t had done this in quite a while, and guess what happened, Garith started dancing, on the roof, while we were tacking.. the only question.. why is he naked?!

Later Dakota came along as well, my sweet sister, and the four of us had even more fun. I like to quote some lines, not quite out of context, but, hell they are a lot funnier this way – plus, that’s just how my brain works!

“Oh, nothing is rezzing down there!”Garith Walsh

– “I will try to swallow that now!”Dakota Vasco

After the next tack… phew.. Garith wasn’t naked.. he wore speedos! Gee – don’t need to see him naked again.. on the other hand .. why not?

Thank you for this lovely day! I love you boys, and gal!


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