A boy needs a treehouse …

Damien my sweet son, lives with me again since June 2015. I love him madly, and he is the sun of my life, but also a real dragon pup .. i can totally blame myself therefor, because i am spoiling him rotten!

Tho, in the spirit of a boy needs a treehouse, my little Darling got now one. His aunti Hera, my neighbour and a very close friend of mine, gifted him one. And not just some treehouse, no its a Dustbunny Rare item, from the newest Arcade…

It startet pretty harmless, we were having breakfast and Damien still thought sumemr clothing would be fashionable. Jaspar came for a visit as well and we all had coffee, but Damien he got cocoa, and we all waffels!

While Damien was testing his new fall-fashion i put into his drawers, i sneaked out, to set up his treehouse, for his first overnight party!

It is adorable and has just enough room for two to three kids and their toys. I took the liberty to install a radiator, tho they wont freeze by night and rough sea winds.


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