What rich people do….

Rich people ask other rich people, to give them a lift … or something like that. It is Sunday, and Jasp, who was flying around in his Phenom 100, took me for a ride. But carefull, he told me, quote: “I don’t do backwards!” 


I think it’s a bummer that he wasn’t it doing backwards, but we had a blast anyways. ‘Cuz I wasn’t able to talk today, and whenever I wanted to say something… the opposite came out or just something really naughty!

During the flyght, a friend of us called, he wanted to et a lift. So we flew all the way to Blake Sea West to grab him. And Dex is EYECANDY …. who would say no?!

I asked him, if he would be so nice to put something over his gorgeous chest. His answer, quote: “I am a decadent Rock Start!” (yah that’s no typo of me!)


But that was almost the end, cuz my lovely Jasp had to go, so he abandoned us, at the Seychelles Airport. I coudln’t help myself and hugged him, like I do!

Very sweet, Dex braught me home, so I could start working on the paintjobs for my MLCC31 (Loonetta) and my Patchogue!


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