Wawawawawa Wipe Out!!

Today I thought, everybody can go sailing, especially since autopilot. But surfing is still so rare. So I said “HELL TO THE YES!” when my friend Enzo grabbed me by the hand and took me surfing, at my favorite spot.

Due to an amazing new surfboard, I was able to make this awesome shot of my behind, while I was hitting the tube hard. But… wawawawa wipe out….

I really should have not tried to make pictures, doing such a dangerous sport. But ME LOVES IT, so I craweld totally wet back onto my board and chilled a bit at the beach.

Later Enzo came back too, and we had a nice chat, roasting and toasting ourselves in the sand…

And do you remember what your parents told you? Sand .. is like confetti on Sylvester … you can pull it out of every hole.. even six month later ….

But that never stops anyone from going to the beach! Give us all the confetti you got mother earth!!!! I am riding you HARD .. well at least one of your waves….


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