Water likes the Waterfrog….

…or something like that. There is a kidz-song in Germany – saying “Wasser liebt der Wasserfrosch” means >the waterfrog loves the water<, and I love my new boat.


It’s the Patchogue II of Trudeaus, and I have to admit, I was very sceptical about those boats. But Jasp, my beloved sailign instructor, and best bestie EVER, loves those boats, and introduced me to them.

I kept thinking, that i probably miss out on something i shouldn’t, so i went today to Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts and checked them out again. I took the Leetle Cat II for a demo-ride and i was totally flashed! If you love sailing, if you enjoy really working for your fun, you will love those boats!

It took me a while to decide, but the catboat Patchogue II found her way finally into my heart, and to my marina. I named her Waterfrog – thank you Jasp again for enriching my SecondLife. And thank you Trudeaus, for making such a difference!


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