Über den Wolken…

This is how a very great german song starts. Translated it means “Above the Clouds…” and it goes on with “the freedom will be endlessly…”

This song is one, all the aviators have in their hearts, if they know it, or if they don’t. In this spirit, Jaspar and I took on a challenge, withUltralights!

I have to admit, I had to concentrate real hard, thats why you only get this picture of the “groundwork”. The next time, i will be more skilled, and will be able to get you some out of the air. This wonderfull Ultralight Plane, is for sale on Marketplace, for less than 190 L$ !INCREDIBLE!!

It comes with this detailed HUD, and i enjoyed it very much. So to all the aviators out there, who like a challenge, this little baby will do the trick.


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