Thelxiope or how charming something can be….

Some days ago, Jasp came to me, after I finished up the public beach at Hay Harbor, to chat and chill a bit.

While we were doing this, he showed me his Pacha, and I didn’t like it much, but he didn’t either. So on short notice, I grabbed my paintbucket and swang the brush, to make his sweet yacht the way he would like it.

With the paintbucket I took also some fabric and a needle, to get him some new fabrics onto his furniture too.

It was too late to have a run with her, but right on the next day, we showed her off, and Dakota, my sister came right along, with her Shileds Class “Xsenias Pearl”.

He made me name it, and i took another Sirens-Name Thelxiope. It means charming voice, he loved it.


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