Surfin’, Surfin’ U-SL

Today started amazing, ‘cuz I went surfing again, this time, Jasp was NO lazybug, we came with me. First we searched around the Balke Sea for a nice surfing spot, in the end, we stuck with Teahupo’o s World Class Surfing – the spot I use to go to.


So I grabbed my sweetest bestie, and took him there, we got him a new surfboard too, and Me, Myself and I got him addicted again to that awesome virtual sport!


In the end after more than one hour trying to get a shot of both of us, I finally managed it! Yay I can see his BUM!!!

All the time I was talking strange .. like REALLY strange. Just some examples “in the end it’s getting pretty tight” or “it’s without strap-on” (what I meant was >No strings attached!<) and the last one “I will give that one to Eon too, so he can ride you!” That was the moment we decided its time for a nap…


One awesome last shot of us, waiting for the perfect wave.


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