Sometimes fun crawls up from …

…. beneath a rock!

Today was surprising. I had a great time sailing, but what I didn’t expect .. a long lost friend popped up, like an early spring-flower. I just finished my “rescripting” of the Hope. What means something like, I put two new scripts in, I haven’t wrote. XD

Great thing, I LOVE those scripts, and can just recommend the store to all of you with a Bandit 55 or 60. First thing its a HUD-Script, so you get that neat colored flowting text, telling you everything you need to know, and changing the colors, to inform you about the sails. Much more awesome, it tells you how much throttle the engine is at.


The second one is a HUD – that helps you avoiding channel 0 and makes sailing without autopilot so much easier and nicer. I so love it, I wanna make little HUD babies with it, and sell them all along or gift them to my friends!


Thank you rubber bunny for those awesome little tools, and thank you Laney for popping up today, and brighten up my evening. And please dont crawl back under that rock!


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