Sailing (Drill) Instructor tell me what to do…

I sooo love that song. Captain Jack with “Drill Intructor”, but that is not what this post is about. No my friends and follower, this is about sailing, and how i introduced a .. let’s say skilled sailor, got to know the USB.

He isn’t that experienced with the Zephiweather, like I am, but I had more time to figure it out, and I had Jasp. So i took Claw to RSYC Vindar, to get the Ultimate Sailor Buddy, short USB. You can see, how happy I am to help a friend out…

The HUD on the left side, is the USB. Claw liked it pretty much as far as I could get.  Here we had a little break, so he can refresh a bit, I know how hard some boats can be, especially if you are used to the Nemo. But after that hour I can say, Claw is a real brAt-ish Scott!

Thank you Claw Streeter for this cute little adventure, and for having my annoying self around.


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