Rainbow Cruise #149


This cruise was very special to me, cuz it was the first cruise I ever made. Jasp had no idea for the cruise, so I offered my help and in teamwork, we build it. A slow cruise for mostly small boats, especially the IF, with slow wind speeds, and rare tacking.

SL was a bit mean with me today, so I have not as many pictures as I would have liked, but it was fun. Especially the longer break at St. Martin with the Libelle Racing, sitting and chatting, and enjoying the warm summer sun and our great boats.

Without further talking I WON …. i know I know, this is no race, but in the end i was over a sim behind the other two IFs but!! I managed to keep up and finally getting in lead!!! and i stayed in lead untill the last waypoint tho I WON!!! Whoop whoop!

Thank you Jasp for this awesome cruise, it wont have happened like this, if it wouldn’t have been for you. And thank you to all the rainbow sailors, taking this one on, and having fun with us.

If you wanna check all the pics, here is the link to the matchingFlickr-Album!


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