Rainbow Cruise #148 Part 2 …


… or just “Naughty, Laggy, Kovu is to blame!”

Usually when I participate on the Saturdays cruise, I leave the Sunday out of it, but I was quite unhappy, that I had such a bad lag, I couldn’t make nice pictures, and I wasn’t sailing one of my boats. Today, Sunday, I decided, to give my Dakota a run. She is my Shileds class Sailing boat .. obviously, considering the pictures with me… on .. that.. boat.. yah ….

So this time was better, less lag .. a bit … and finally some time to surf! ”WHEEEE!” I love surfing!!! And my Dakota loves the Finnvard, cuz I never crashed so often into another boat … except this one time… hrmmm never mind.

I decided I like it -the cruise not the crashing into other people boats-, even if I am no fan of the Fruit Islands tho .. thank you Kovu and you are the one to blame.. and if not now.. maybe tomorrow!

*free hugs to all the rainbow sailors out there, i even add some gropage!*


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