Rainbow Cruise #147 or …

…. how Dakota and I did the mole….


First things first, thank you Kovu for this funny cruise and I will share it with everyone who wants to read it, the “Secret Berdav Mole Cruise – shhh” – how Ko called it.

Dakota my lovely sister and I decided to give her IF a run. This sweet folkboat is named F.I.M. – that is short for Faith in Men – something we kinda lost some month ago… well or way earlier.


The first leg was tough on this sweet boat, cuz we sailed very close to the wind, and we were hoping to see a glimps of the fleet. It took us quite some time, to actually make it to the first rendevous point. But we had a blast!


The third leg was running with the wind, and Kovu decided we shall try different wind speeds, to keep up with the rest of the boats … damn that was fun and in the end we make her run like 15 knts!

The third part of the cruise was very narrow and rough. When other boats just slide along sim-endings, the IF crashes into them and get collesion problems. So all of the speed wont work if there are aircraft carrier in the middle of the way, Destroyer Class ships or others….


Finally we made it home – we were last – but it was mad fun, as always. I haven’t seen ANY moles or mole people, but loats of water and nice friends and places.

Thank you my dear sailors, for waiting that we arrive, and for making sure we made it safe and sound. *offers free hugs to every rainbow cruiser*


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