Rainbow Cruise #144

It’s Sunday again, and even with the heatwave making Europe suffer, I decided, to go with it. I thaught, dang, what can go wrong by immagining some colder sea-wind, tracing along the skin? I was so wrong …


At first, it was a very long route so this sunday we skipped the first loops, right after Ahabs Haunt. It was for big, fast boats, but nor while your PC is melting down with you in over 40° C ….


But we made it to the Leviathan and anjoyed the sun together. Thank you for this great cruise, but it really was just to hot for me, so that was probably the moment, when I decided, to bail on my friends, and to take Quron home with me.


Yes, Quron, or short QT – thats what I call him, came along on his very first Cruise, with me and my Hope. I think he liked it, even with the bad lag I had.


Here a pic of Salome and her awesome colored Loonetta, right next to Trip. You both get another hug here, and sorry for crashing into your boats. Blame it on the lag.


After we went down back towards Nautilus, I couldn’t help, it was to warm, and I bailed on the cruise, and just set full sails home! No matter what, the cruise was really nice, thank you for making it!


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