Rainbow Cruise 131 – or …

The Butt or Heart? – Cruise


This Rainbow Sails – cruise is based on an idea of Kovu; to make the cruise about an event, that just happened. This week, Titus andGreg had their second anniversary. I want to say, congratulations to you both. You are so nice and kind and sweet, even without really knowing you both, you found a place in my heart, just for the way you are.

But this posting is not about Greg and Titus, no it’s about a very nice cruise. Some saw a butt and a whale… but the romantic person, who is me, sees just a sweet heart.


It was really amazing, that we had very less troubles today. No sim boarder crashes, well almost none, I think just one of us really had problems. This Heart-Butt-Cruise I sailed with my Loonetta >True Love<. For once, cuz it fitted the theme, and the other part is, I wanted to show her off, now that I almost finished the paintjob.


The wind was great, and I had a lot of fun, even if Kyle and Jasp and I .. well lets say, our boats REALLY wanted to mate … probably cuz the True Love is so cute now. I know she is chubby but.. she got a BIG heart.

The cruise took us almost two hours, but with a long break in the middle. Enough time for me, to finish all the pics I made till that point.


With this amazing shot of the sexy bodies of Greg and Kyle, I will end now. As always, you can check the pictures at my Flickr-Album; plus today you will get a good bye joke:

A Doctor from the local Navy Base was invited to speak before the local Lady’s Club on the subject of sex. Thedoctor agreed to speak but later had second thoughts about telling his wife. That evening at dinner and notwanting to have to explain to his wife, he mentioned the speech but told her the subject was on sailing.“But you don’t know anything about sailing!”“Speaking is easy – you just have to stay one step ahead of the audience and I’ll be fine.” The wife was unconvinced, but wanted to be supportive. A week following the event, his wife ran across the president of the Lady’s Club. Asking how the speech went, the reply was, “Excellent! He was just great! He really knows his stuff and you can tell he has a lot of experience.” “Really?”, the doctor’s wife mentioned, “That’s interesting, I’m so surprised he talked about that subject – he’s only done it two times, once he got seasick, then fell off and the other time it blew his hat off and he lost it.”


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